ISAGO Preparation Services


IATA Safety Audit of Ground Operations (ISAGO) Certification has become the international “Gold Standard” in aviation ground handling safety.

ISAGO has an impressive industry track record of assisting ground service providers (GSP) achieve fewer aircraft and equipment damages, better manage operational risk, experience fewer occupational injuries, and achieve safer ground operations. ISAGO Certification represents an internationally recognized competitive advantage for GSP organizations in attracting major airline clients and is even required in some locations by airport authorities in order to issue GSP business permits.

While the amount of preparation work required to achieve and maintain your Registration may seem daunting at first, partnering with our GHS team of experts in order to formulate an organized and prioritized approach will provide to you significant business value, unique learning opportunities, and significantly reduce the overall stress level for your entire organization. This proactive approach is essential to you for achieving a successful audit outcome, minimizing findings, and avoiding a lengthy corrective action process.

GHS ISAGO Preparation Services have been built upon our experience with multiple global audit programs and are entirely customizable to meet and exceed your specific business needs. Ranging from the conduct of a comprehensive GAP Analysis, creation of required manual revisions, and training course delivery, we are part of your “extended family” in achieving audit results in which you can be justifiably proud!

ISAGO Audit Program Overview
  • Audit Applicability
    • Ground Service Providers (including independent and airline owned)
  • Audit Scope
    • Organization and Management System (ORM)
    • Load control (LOD)
    • Passenger & Baggage Handling (PAB)
    • Aircraft Handling & Loading (HDL)
    • Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM)
    • Cargo & Mail Handling (CGM)
  • Audit Preparation Commencement
    • Ideally begins a minimum of six (6) months prior to the on-site Audit

ISAGO Preparation Service Deliverables
  • Organizational understanding of the ISAGO Audit Registration process
  • Delivery of an industry proven audit preparation methodology
  • Practical training in the proper interpretation and auditing of the GOSARPs
  • Objective professional assessment of ISAGO readiness
  • Production of an effective and efficient corrective action work plan
  • Final review of GOSARP conformity levels prior to Audit commencement

  • International subject matter expert (SME) Team with extensive experience as ISAGO Auditors, Lead Auditors, and Evaluators
  • Industry experts that can draw on "real-world" examples and case studies
  • Professional trainers with international training experience
  • No conflict of interest concerns between auditing, consulting, and training

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