IS-BAO Preparation Services


The International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) is an internationally recognized standard for business aviation. Standards are based upon International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices (SARPs) with an emphasis on Safety Management System infrastructure, implementation, and integration.

IS-BAO Registration incorporates three (3) Stages of SMS organizational maturity as follows:

  • Stage One confirms that the SMS infrastructure has been fully established and that safety management processes are being appropriately applied and that supporting standards of operations have been established
  • Stage Two ensures that SMS activities are appropriately targeted and that identified safety risks are being effectively managed
  • Stage Three validates that SMS activities are fully implemented and integrated across the management system and that a positive safety culture is being sustained

While the amount of preparation work required to achieve and maintain your Registration may seem daunting at first, partnering with our GHS team of experts in order to formulate an organized and prioritized approach will provide to you significant business value, unique learning opportunities, and significantly reduce the overall stress level for your entire organization. This proactive approach is essential to you for achieving a successful audit outcome, minimizing findings, and avoiding a lengthy corrective action process.

GHS IS-BAO Preparation Services have been built upon our experience with multiple global audit programs and are entirely customizable to meet and exceed your specific business needs. Ranging from the conduct of a comprehensive GAP Analysis, creation of required manual revisions, and training course delivery, we are part of your “extended family” in achieving audit results in which you can be justifiably proud!

IS-BAO Audit Program Overview
  • Audit Applicability
    • Business Aircraft
    • Fractional Ownership
    • Helicpoters
  • Audit Scope
    • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
    • Organization and Personnel Requirements
    • Training and Proficiency
    • Flight Operations
    • Operations in International, RVSM. MNPS, RNAV, or RNP Airspace
    • Aircraft Equipment Requirements
    • Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
    • Company Operations Manual
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Environmental Management
    • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    • Security
  • Audit Preparation Commencement
    • Ideally begins a minimum of six (6) months prior to the on-site Audit

IS-BAO Preparation Service Deliverables
  • Organizational understanding of the IS-BAO Audit Registration process
  • Delivery of an industry proven audit preparation methodology
  • Practical training in the proper interpretation and auditing of the SARPs
  • Objective professional assessment of IS-BAO readiness
  • Production of an effective and efficient corrective action work plan
  • Final review of conformity levels prior to Audit commencement

  • International subject matter expert (SME) Team with extensive experience as aviation quality system Auditors, Lead Auditors, and Evaluators
  • Industry experts that can draw on “real-world” examples and case studies
  • Professional trainers with international training experience
  • No conflict of interest concerns between auditing, consulting, and training

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