Operational Safety Audit


The Operational Safety Audit consists of, but goes substantially above, an objective assessment of an aviation organization’s overall compliance with its State Authority civil aviation safety regulations and includes adherence to company standard operating procedures (SOP), conformance with current industry best practices, as well as the level to which operational risk is managed to a level as low as reasonably practical (ALARP).

Of primary importance to the value of the Safety Audit is to obtain insight into the underlying organizational and behavioral elements that ultimately drive the aviation organization’s risk management philosophy and operational decision making.

Specific areas of audit include, but not limited to:

  • Operational and technical manuals
  • Management oversight and supervision
  • Organizational structure
  • Reporting relationships and accountability
  • Employee selection and retention processes
  • Flight training / checking
  • Operations control (dispatch), maintenance / engineering
  • Interviews with key flight operations management personnel
  • Meetings with representative line operational and technical personnel

Operational Safety Audit Deliverables
  • Formal written Audit Report detailing specific areas of strengths, weaknesses, and non-compliance with State Authority regulatory requirements
  • Suggested action plan to address areas in need of correction and/or improvement
  • Implementation of suggested action plan as requested

  • International subject matter expert (SME) Team with extensive experience as global aviation safety Auditors, Lead Auditors, and Evaluators
  • Seasoned aviation industry experts that can draw upon “real-world” international audit experiences
  • No conflict of interest concerns between auditing, consulting, and training

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