ISAGO Follow-up Services


As the ISAGO Program continues to evolve in both scope and complexity, and depending to some extent upon the level of an Operator’s pre-Audit preparation, an Initial or Renewal ISAGO Audit may result in the raising of discipline-specific Findings and Observations.

While the handling of non-conformities against ISAGO Recommended Practices (Observations) is primarily up to the discretion of the Operator, non-conformities against ISAGO Standards (Findings) must be closed to the satisfaction of IATA prior to being either added or reinstated to the ISAGO Registry.

Depending upon the scope and complexity of the Findings issued, as well as the available time period in which to achieve closure, you, as the Operator, may find yourself faced with a great deal of work to accomplish in a relatively short period of time in addition to “running the airline”.

The GHS ISAGO Audit Follow-Up Team will partner with you and your quality assurance staff, and by utilizing a proven methodology of addressing Findings in a logical and prioritized manner, will minimize your/their workload and ensure that closure is attained for your airline within the shortest period of time possible.

This process not only serves to provide positive business value to your entire organization, but also serves as a strategic skill transfer between the GHS Team Members and your quality assurance personnel enabling them to achieve a better understanding of the IOSA corrective action closure process so that, moving forward, they are better able to accomplish these tasks independently.

ISAGO Follow-up Service Deliverables
  • Review of post-Audit Summary Report
  • Creation of prioritized Work Plan designed to close Findings and address Observations
  • Submission of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Final Action Required (FAR) inputs
  • Required manual revision creation, revision, and review
  • Creation and/or conduct of required training courses
  • Conduct of follow-up internal quality audits to ensure implementation
  • Submission of Final Action Taken (FAT) inputs
  • Additional corrective action follow-up as required

  • International subject matters expert (SME) Team with extensive experience as ISAGO Auditors, Lead Auditors and Evaluators
  • Aviation industry experts that can draw upon real-world audit closure experience
  • Professional trainers with international training experience
  • No conflict of interest concerns between training, consulting, and auditing

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