The GHS Team is committed to ensuring that the auditing practice provides our valued clients with an open and collaborative learning environment that first looks to validate what is being “done right” and then works with management and staff personnel to see how things can be “made even better”!

GHS strongly believes that the auditing process can truly be a valuable educational experience that provides a meaningful opportunity for sharing of knowledge resulting in the production of quantifiable positive business value rather than the process being an experience wrought with connotations of criticism, finger pointing, and setting of blame.

Whether the scope of the audit involves regulatory compliance, conformance with industry best practices, or validation that operational safety hazards are being managed to a level as low as reasonably practical (ALARP), GHS subject matter experts take pride in making even the most complex audit a positive learning experience for our clients.


GHS Aviation Group Auditing Services

  • BARS Services
    • BARS Preparation
    • BARS Audit Follow-up
  • IOSA Services
    • IOSA Preparation
    • IOSA Audit Follow-up
  • ISAGO Services
    • ISAGO Preparation
    • ISAGO Audit Follow-up
  • IS-BAO Services
    • IS-BAO Preparation
    • IS-BAO Audit Follow-up
  • ISSA Services
    • ISSA Preparation
    • ISSA Audit Follow-up
  • Operational Safety Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Operational Risk Assessments